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"Resident Evil" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 02/22/2012

A special ops team infiltrates a top secret bio-weapons research facility after an outbreak of a virus that mutates living creatures into undead monsters. Paul Anderson treats us to another of his unimaginative and sterile creature features based on the successful videogame franchise. Any heterosexual man cannot fail to find Milla Jovovitch eminently watchable (her acting talents notwithstanding) and the special effects work quite well, particularly during the Red Queen section, but as with all of Anderson's films it is all so familiar and derivative that the pervading sense is of deja vu. That particular sequence is itself a straight rip off of Cube and although the zombies are of the "proper" type (ie. all slow moving, shambling figures) there's so little atmosphere or even gore that …

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Resident Evil

jen1302 - wrote on 11/05/2007

Has Plenty of Gore and Action with great FX and brilliant cast and great plot

It Slow for the first mins but builds up to all action to the end

Brilliant film with plenty of Gore Action.

Good cast and Brilliant FX and Music score a proud owner of the first 2 and seen the third.

If you haven’t seen resident Evil then do so.

Well worth the watch and buy.


The Umbrella Corporation the most powerful companies in the world.

Unknown to the world, its success is due to a secret underground lab where viral weapons are tested and made.
Their new virus the t-virus is created escapes, turning hundreds of scientists into flesh hungry zombies. The main computer shuts down the labs for risk of infection. A special task force is sent in to shut down the main computer …

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