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mitchellyoung - wrote on 07/21/2011

The strange world of club kids that is painted in this film is entrancing and, oftentimes, disturbing. There is some striking imagery here, particularly the "angel wings" sequence. Macaulay Culkin gives a fearless performance that effectively erases the memory of him as the cute Home Alone kid.

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SpleeMckee - wrote on 03/09/2009

Party Monster is a movie that really caught my attention. Seeing Culkin and Green in the roles of Michael Alig and James St. James is just mindblowing. BUT, they pull it off so well. This movie kept me wanting more, (which is why I immediately went to the library and check out DISCO BLOODBATH by James St. James.) This movie gives you insight on what the Club Kids were all about. This movie was amazing.

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