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MovieAddict - wrote on 02/05/2012

When her fame as Miss Congeniality ruins a FBI operation and her personal life suffers a major setback, FBI Agent Gracie Hart decides to throw herself into the career path of being the smiling face of the FBI. But then her best friend and winner of the Miss United States pageant is abducted suddenly along with William Shatner's character of the first film, Gracie decides she needs to solve the case and takes the investigation into her own hands with the help of a mean and scary looking female F.B.I. agent Sam Fuller (played by Regina King) A lame, predictable sequel with no Benjamin Bratt nor Michael Caine! This contrived comedy slides to the edges of boredom.

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Snoogans - wrote on 08/07/2011

Even Bullock's cuteness can't save this piece of garbage.

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HorrorMovieLOVER#1 - wrote on 02/02/2011

Miss Congeniality 2 messed up an excellent comedy. There really was no comedy, it was more of an action type. Yes there are some parts well you chuckle a bit, but it's not as good as the first one. This movie wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. The movie is pretty decent.... Another reason why it wasn't funny, because a different screenplay writer wrote it, and this guy did not have a funny bone in his body.... Grade: C+

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goodfellamike - wrote on 10/27/2008

Stale sequel coasts by on Sandra Bullock's charm and interplay with temperamental partner Regina King. Final Grade: C

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