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sapien - wrote on 01/27/2011

This just might be Matt Damon's worst movie. It just wasn't my cup o' tea.

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Alexa - wrote on 03/12/2009

For some reason I never connected with the story. Maybe because I don't like golf. I defiantly didn't like this movie. Skip It.

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DB - wrote on 12/12/2007

Why this movie is called "The Legend of Bagger Vance" I will never know. The movie is more about a golfer and a child than the actual caddy. While Will Smith's role is relatively small and the pace of the flick can be sluggish at times, the setting is authentic and sets the tone. It's not the type of sports movie that has a thrill for vitctory, but a feel good story about a golfer who gets his swing back and enjoys the game. A decent and watchable movie, but nearly on the same plain as Hoosiers or Rudy, more on the same plain as a Tin Cup. 2.5/4

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