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Alles echt - wrote on 03/08/2016

"For centuries, countless tales have been told of the legend of King Arthur. But the only story you've never heard ... is the true story that inspired the legend." (Trailer). Uuuhh! Buuuh! Gibt es nicht eher Parallelen zum Irak Krieg? Die römischen Imperialisten geben England den nahenden Sachsen preis. Einzig der mutige Arthur bleibt Verbündeter. Der Film ist dunkler als andere Arthur Verfilmungen. Es gibt einen Runden Tisch, aber die Ritter finden kaum Platz, darum zu sitzen. Jeder einzelne spricht gepflegt Englisch, sogar die Ritter aus Sarmatien. Und wo bitte liegt "Woad", das Königreich Arthurs? Jetzt müssen wir auch unser historisches Wissen erweitern, denn Arthur hat mit wenigen Männern einen Kampf gegen hunderte oder gar tausende Sachsen an einem gefrorenen See gewonnen …

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"King Arthur" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 05/21/2012

Ha ha! Once again Hollywood presents it's interpretation of "history", and once again, it's about as convincing as the manifesto of the flat earth society. Every cinematic cliche from the stories of Robin Hood and Arthurian legend is mixed with Braveheart and even Gladiator, and presented as "fact", which is easily the film's biggest flaw. Every time the name Arthur or Lancelot is mentioned, it only serves to remind how absurd it all is. But expecting the worst, I watched this with my least cynical head on (luckily, otherwise I would never have made it past the first half hour)and actually rather enjoyed it. When it finally gets down to the serious business of everyone hacking each other into Mcnuggets, things definitely improve. The battle sequences are superb, both thrilling and …

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