Iron Man Movie Plots

Movie Plots

Tony Stark is a playboy-billionaire who happens to be an engineering genius. He invents powerful and destructive weapons. But when Afghans get interested in his products, Stark finds himself trapped with orders to build more weapons. But this life-changing experience makes him capable of making something more than missiles and bombs - at great cost, he becomes a hero.

Tony Stark is a brilliant man who grew up in his fathers footsteps. He took over Stark Industries the worlds largest weapons designing corporation at 21. His life is perfect, he is so wealthy that money means nothing, and he feels no remorse for how he obtained his wealth.
His whole life is changed when after a demonstration of Stark's newest missile The "Jericho" he is wounded by terrorists that attack his transport with his own weapons.
The terrorists demand that he build them a Jericho of their own from all the components of their weapons cache. Stark must face his own mortality and take a stand. -- TheWolf

Based on the Marvel Comic Book about a man who supports military suits and weapons is injured and must construct a suit to save his life. When he realizes the potential of the suit, he uses it to his advantage to fight crime.

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