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littlesparrow17 - wrote on 11/12/2009

Probably one of my most watched movies ever. Mattew and Kate have such great chemistry on camera whether its comedic or romantic. The story and plot is very entertaining for anyone---girl or guy. How to lose a guy in 10 days is definately a movie worth buying or at the very least seeing. I am sure you'll find yourself unable to help laughing.

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Allison - wrote on 08/27/2009

In the theater, opening night, as the lights dimmed, I was thrilled, because I was expecting a great comedy! Not only didi it fail my expectations, but I am surprised that Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey ever worked together again. Yes, the movie made a lot of money, but their followup effort didn't. A big dud. Oh, and when it came out on home video, the people I babysat for rented this and I had to sit through it again. Is this what hell must be like?

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moviefanatic484 - wrote on 03/29/2009

You have to love this movie! How could you not? I mean Matthew McConaughhey is in it! On top of that it's is a very funny movie. How could such a disaster lead to such a happy ending? This movie seems to make it work. A cute romance that can even be very funny.

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serioussir - wrote on 12/30/2008

You will laugh out loud in this one. Hudson is so funny. And the romance is great!

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