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Matthew Brady - wrote on 12/02/2013

Never talk to strangers or they will jump into your car and try to kill you.

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Snoogans - wrote on 09/09/2011

Simply put, it's a bad remake.

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The Movie Man - wrote on 05/23/2009

The Hitcher is a better than expected remake with a few problems. Music Video director Dave Meyers directs this film and does a decent job, the big problem with this film, is the script(or lack there of). I think Sophia Bush is an underrated actress, she always gives good performances, but there never in anything that will get her noticed. However, She gives another good performance in this. Sean Bean is also good in his performance. but newcomer Zachary Knighton is a disappointment in one of the key lead roles. The film is fun even though the scares are desperate and the dialogue is corny. It is gory but it does have some laughs(thanks to Neal Mcdonough).

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goodfellamike - wrote on 07/23/2008

The fact that Sean Bean gives a credible performance as the unfeeling, sadistic title character and that an action sequence plays out to to a tune by Nine Inch Nails are reasons enough to warrant a watch, though this is just another mindless, violent excursion into territory that's already been viciously explored in countless other, better movies; a bloody orgy that is just an exercise in pointless style. Final Grade: C

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 01/24/2008

Another remake that can't live up to the original. While Sean Bean is pretty good, and I appreciated the gender switch at the end, the rest of the Hitcher is a mess. There's too many ludicrous moments that pop up to make this work.

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