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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
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"Everything has a price tag love".

Matthew Brady - wrote on 11/24/2014

Bill Murray playing a angry, old man that doesn't get a long with nobody, basically Bill Murray.

St. Vincent is about a young boy finds himself lost - but he finds an unlikely ally and friend in his next door neighbor - an abrasive, bawdy war veteran.

The trailers to this movie made it look like one of those cliche story lines : Old man and a little boy that don't get a long very well at the start, but their friendship start's to grow as the film goes a long, but then something really big happens that makes both of them hate each other, until the end were they put their battles a side and become friends again, and everybody is happy and fill with joy and laughter. St. Vincent has some of those cliches, but the movie itself takes a different turn that surprise me.

Bill Murray …

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