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St. Vincent

"Everything has a price tag love".
Matthew Brady - wrote on 11/24/14

Bill Murray playing a angry, old man that doesn't get a long with nobody, basically Bill Murray.

St. Vincent is about a young boy finds himself lost - but he finds an unlikely ally and friend in his next door neighbor - an abrasive, bawdy war veteran.

The trailers to this movie made it look like one of those cliche story lines : Old man and a little boy that don't get a long very well at the start, but their friendship start's to grow as the film goes a long, but then something really big happens that makes both of them hate each other, until the end were they put their battles a side and become friends again, and everybody is happy and fill with joy and laughter. St. Vincent has some of those cliches, but the movie itself takes a different turn that surprise me.

Bill Murray once again brings a fantastic performance in this movie, as he normally does. He's character is like a moody, A-hole that nobody wants to be around him, but Murray has that likability to him and that fuzzy feeling every time he's on screen that it's hard to hate him if I got to be honest.

This is Theodore Melfi first directed movie and wow he started off great, because Melfi has such passion and energy in this movie and it shows how well driven the movie is. All the cast did great as well, the story had it's different twist and turns which took me by surprise.

The things that didn't in this movie for me is some of the character's were weak and really not that interesting, and the writing was a bit messy in some scenes.

But overall St. Vincent is a fuzzy and well driven movie with a story that took risks with it's twist and turns, and the old man and the little boy back and forward with each other worked really well.

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