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Booth and Steinfeld

Rod - wrote on 12/26/2013

A classic tale of forbidden love due to feuding families: A Capulet and a Montague fell in love at first sight leads us to the greatest tragedy of all time.

I have never read Romeo and Juliet (yeah, shame on me!) but I would say that this film does not give much of something new to the ever familiar love story. I saw DiCaprio's "Romeo+Juliet" and I can say that the 1996 film was way better, artistically and technically. The two young stars (Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth) were both good but I think, the story were not for them, playing as Romeo and Juliet does not make them a brighter star (for me). Steinfeld (An Academy Award Nominee) and Booth better pick script that will really showcase their talents.
Over-all, direction was fine, it took the lustful side of Romeo and …

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