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worleyjamers - wrote on 06/29/2013

Promised Land is an adequate political drama. It has a decent screenplay and some good performances, but nothing special here. The film, while solid, lacked urgency and any real conviction; it seemed like these actors were stuck in a bland movie.

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KingInTheNorth - wrote on 06/24/2013

Matt Damon, Academy Award winner for best writing for "Good Will Hunting". He is good at it. But when I see Matt Damon as an actor I don't see the character he's playing, I see Jason Bourne. Except of, maybe in "The Departed". Promised land is directed by Gus Van sant who also directed "Good Will Hunting". Good job. Matt Damon and the rest of the cast are doing a good job. But this time the script is not so good as "Good Will Hunting" maybe Ben Affleck is missing... However, Promised Land is an entertaining Drama with good performances. Enjoyable

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Allison - wrote on 12/17/2012

Saw it at an advanced screening. Very good performances, especially by Frances McDormand. Very smart writing by Matt Damon and John Krasinski. Gus van Sant was a great choice to direct this. The actors seemed comfortable, yet pushed the envelope. Definitely deserves attention for this year. Nice ending, but reminiscent to a couple other films that Matt Damon has done.

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