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Very Blair Witch but good scares throughout

Lee - wrote on 11/23/2012

Although very Blair Witchesque i will say this film although 'Scaring the bleep out of me' would be a little far fetched i will have to admit this film had it's moments scare factor wise. 'Grave Encounters' is another film to add to the found footage genre. A group of people trying to get their new paranormal reality show going. 5 episodes in they havent really found much that is until episode 6 (Actually if i were directing this is what i would've titled this flick) when the team venture over to an old mental instution telling the cameras that they are going to be locked in literally with chains, so their is no escaping, until 6am. The night starts off slowly but the film crew and cast are none to quick to discover they have bitten off more then they can chew as the place is eerily …

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