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Sorta Unpleasant, But Definitely a Good One

Rod - wrote on 11/09/2011

Arthur (Russell Brand) is the sole heir of a billion-dollar company. Living in a luxurious life, immature is he. His fortune and his loving and caring nanny Hobson are the only things he leans on. Until he falls in love on a woman his family doesn't like, he then have to choose between wealth and the universal emotion called love.

First and foremost, I didn't expect so much from this from the start, but it caught me completely when the unexpected drama came into the scene. This movie depicts how much love can change someone's outlook in life. Also, the contrast between money and wealth was great.

I also want to mention the great screenplay of this film. A great literature for me.

Russell Brand and Helen Mirren definitely stand out.

Nice, it was a good film.

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