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Armando Sanchez - wrote on 09/04/2012

This film is truly aamzing.Ricky Gervaise and Stephen Merchant are able to write a aamzing film that manages to be funny and so perfectly sad....in an amazing way.I haven't seen A film like this in years.it made me want to shout in joy and it made me want to cry in sadness at the same time...and that's saying a lot.it's such an amazing movie that balances humor and drama so well.amazing,amazing,amazing.I can't get over how this film is so damn good.tuly worth everyone's time,no matter what you like,it's amazing.

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dukeakasmudge - wrote on 08/16/2011

The only thing I enjoyed about Cemetery Junction was Jack Doolans character "Snork" other then that, I found it to be a boring movie

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gideon43 - wrote on 12/19/2010

A genuinely warm-hearted and feel-good comedy which is a slight departure from Gervais and Merchants usual observational brand of humour. Hardly ground-breaking or original, Cemetery Junction gets by on the exuberance of its youthful and highly talented cast and while it meanders to its inevitable conclusion, it still manages to be funny, nostalgic and heartfelt. A rare coming of age Brit Flick, which, with its truthfulness and poignancy, at least has its heart firmly in the right place.

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