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PsychoKing1227 - wrote on 11/04/2009

Eh, this movie was okay. Great performances and great story, but the direction was off, not as poised and elegant as it should've been. There was definitely too much gore for a psychological thriller, which made me squirm, no doubt, but it was too close to bordering horror films.

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Rob Lewboski - wrote on 11/03/2009

Hey i'll be the first to say Gerad Butler is A pretty good actor and this is aa pretty good movie it's not amazing it's kinda like A mix of saw deathsentence and this has A good story but sometimes it just fell flat the acting seemed good on Butlers part but foxx seemed to lack the being A charatcer to remeber there are some kinda cool things in this movie as far as trap and such go but it's just a little better than your average action flcik (i just seemed to ramble in this review lol)

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