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Moviehead - wrote on 04/01/2012

This is experience worth of going trough. It is far from perfect, sometimes i would even say fake but still Tarkovsy is one amazing filmmaker and this movie is good. It is not as good as Stalker even though this one has some better moments, but in the end it doesnt leave some great impression in you like that one. Anyway as i said worth of watching, if nothing else you are going to witness some of the greatest moments of film.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 10/24/2011

Let me be clear that this is purely a personal rating and that I can definitely appreciate the technical skill that went into crafting some of the film's more beautiful and transcendent sequences. As a relevant film, it doesn't hit me as hard as other Tarkovsky works - say Solaris, or Andrei Rublev. I sometimes found the shifting back and forward within memories (though I completely understand the device) to be jarring and frustrating. Taken on a scene-by-scene basis, there are some nice moments, but it doesn't ring true for me as a film as a whole.

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GGauthier - wrote on 08/29/2007

Perhaps the most beautiful movie ever made. The most Tarkovsky's stilized. Director's loves for his beloved and his own country, is shown again here, with several images that goes back and forward in time. The plot is sometimes difficult to follow, but, my council will be take the hand of the movie, let it go. Let everything of yourself go.

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