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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
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Time to hang up the suit Moore

Matthew Brady - wrote on 11/27/2014

Even Christopher Walken as the main villain couldn't save this movie.

The story is about James Bond himself as he returns from Russia with a computer chip cable of surviving the EMP of a nuclear blast. Zorin industries is responsible and Bond uncovers a plot to corner the chip market and destroy Silicon Valley in the process.

Last august a good friend of my asked me, "What's you least favorite Bond film out there?", and it took me about a year to find the worst Bond film out there. Until I watched For Your Eyes Only which I thought wasn't good at all. I tried and search like crazy to find the worst Bond film out there, it was like my destiny to find the worst. Until came across A View to a Kill, and this movie is flat out awful in many ways possible.

Is it just me or Roger …


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World Domination...again

MovieAddict - wrote on 08/17/2013

Roger Moore as James Bond 007 is assigned to investigate millionaire industrialist and race horse owner who MI6 suspect is selling critical microchip information to the Soviets. Chris Walken is terrific as Max Zorin, a purebred Nazi baby all grown up into a charming and suave, yet sinister and psychotic madman. He plans on flooding Silicon Valley in California thus allowing him to corner the microchip market.

Zorin's accomplices are a former practicing Nazi, Dr. Carl Mortner (Willoughby Gray) and, a tall, muscular, and ferocious woman, MayDay (Grace Jones), a woman so athletic that her jump from the highest platform of the Eiffel tower is truly one of the most memorable action scenes. She added an unusual element to the movie which almost helps me to block out Tanya Robert's …

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