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A View to a Kill

Time to hang up the suit Moore
Matthew Brady - wrote on 11/27/14

Even Christopher Walken as the main villain couldn't save this movie.

The story is about James Bond himself as he returns from Russia with a computer chip cable of surviving the EMP of a nuclear blast. Zorin industries is responsible and Bond uncovers a plot to corner the chip market and destroy Silicon Valley in the process.

Last august a good friend of my asked me, "What's you least favorite Bond film out there?", and it took me about a year to find the worst Bond film out there. Until I watched For Your Eyes Only which I thought wasn't good at all. I tried and search like crazy to find the worst Bond film out there, it was like my destiny to find the worst. Until came across A View to a Kill, and this movie is flat out awful in many ways possible.

Is it just me or Roger Moore got on my nerves in this movie, maybe it's the cheesy puns or just the writing, but anywhere in this movie Moore didn't look like he cared at all during most of the scenes, it's like watching a cardboard box with arms and legs moving around during the big action scenes, not caring at all.

The villain in this movie blows and I hate saying that because I know Christopher Walken could have been a great villain but due to bad screen writing and poor delivery, that ruined a great chance of a great, fun and maybe Walken's best performances that will be remember through timelines of Bond villains, that sadly that did happen here, I mean Walken could have been like Christopher Lee villain in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Tanya Roberts in this movie is completely awful and totally missed cast. No wonder she got nominated for a Golden Raspberry Awards for worst acting for this movie.

The movie itself feels like a straight up comedy spoof. The stunts are very noticeable and sometimes kind of messy. This is a James Bond film with messy stunts, a boring Villain and Bond getting under me skin; what kind of film is this?! I'm shocked by this.

Now you probably asking yourself, "Is they anything good in is?", the movie doesn't look that bad, the movie is actually pretty well shot at times and even the theme song is pretty good and the only thing that stops me from giving this a lower rating.

The best way to describe this movie can go something like this: A View to a Kill is like a rocky, bumpy roll coaster ride that you just wish it would end anytime soon.

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