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Matthew Brady - wrote on 03/05/2014

Homeless, the 'toons end up helping out a young girl who stays with a nasty auntie while she is separated from her father. Will the young Robyn be reunited with her loving father? Will the odd pair make it on the streets? Will they find a home. This movie has the famous cat and mouse talking?... what the hell was that about and they sing songs saying how much they like to be friends and not fight and this is the reason why this movies fails. the animation was alright but the songs are awful and the voice acting is terrible.

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Snoogans - wrote on 01/02/2012

Take everything you liked and remembered about the hilarious cartoon duo and throw it out the window. That's the idea behind this stinker of a movie. It turns the pair into friends and has them talk and sing in a movie that isn't even about them. This is a blatant Disney rip-off that has nothing in common with the old Tom and Jerry cartoons and just inspired hate in me, even when I watched it as a child.

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