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"Star Trek: Nemesis" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 07/08/2012

The Romulan Empire acquires a new ruler in a military coup d'etat and this mysterious figure offers an olive branch to the federation which promptly dispatches the Enterprise to investigate. I hated Nemesis when I first saw it; once again Brent Spiner is saddled with some mawkish sentimentality and weak slapstick (his interpretation of a prototype data resembles an autistic Stan Laurel), some blatantly irrelevant action sequences and the script seemed superficial and little more than an excuse for CGI infested space battles. Now I've seen it in the context of the JJ Abrams reboot, it makes rather more sense and in fact feels like it has more in common with the new direction than the old franchise. The special effects in particular are rather better than the previous films, the battles …

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3rd Worst Star Trek Film (Which means it's bad)

Drive-In Massacre - wrote on 12/22/2009

After seeing Star Trek: Insurrection, I was certain that the next film could not possibly be worse, but with a series like this, I guess you never can tell. It tries very hard to be a major, epic finale for the Next Generation crew, but fails much more than it succeeds. The whole experience is kind of upsetting because you can tell how much effort the special effects crew and actors put in to make this a good film. It just doesn't end up being that way.

By the time I had gotten to this movie I had figured out that, yes, the odd numbered movies in the series are usually substantially worse than the even numbered ones. I think it's safe to say that everyone behind Nemesis was well aware of that too; which leads me to believe the writers and directors simply didn't try. It is without a …

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