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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Planes, Trains & Automobiles review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 10/16/11

Neal Page (Steve Martin) has been experiencing a string bad luck before getting home in Thanksgiving. A few of these unfortunate events that occurred were his cab being driven away by another passenger, flight home was cancelled, gets robbed, major credit cards got fried, rental car that was non-existent and almost gets crushed by 2 trucks. Del Griffith (John Candy) finds a way to bring his new found friend home on Thanksgiving. A few lines from the flick: Del - "You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah, you're right. I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you, but I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Well, you think what you want about me. I'm not changing. I like me. My wife likes me. My customers like me. 'Cause I'm the real article. What you see is what you get." A comedy that can be a bit forced at times in terms of having a bad situation turn worse. If only the drama started earlier on and kept the pace of the comedy going and having an improved soundtrack, which is familiar to the director, then it could have been rated higher by this reviewer. You kind of miss the greatness of John Candy and Steve Martin turns red when frustrated. Had a heartwarming appeal that can be enjoyed by existing or new friends. Planes, Trains & Automobiles had themes of friendship, persistence, individuality and life in general when it can be harsh but still gratifying when family and new friends emanate in the most unexpected times.

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