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Sin City review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/10/11

I have always wanted to see what the fuss was about with Sin City. Let’s start with the source: Frank Miller. He is one of the most very popular, successful and talented graphic novel writers ever. This was one of the reasons the Director, wanted to adapt the Sin City to the big screen. Next would be the remarkable cast who signed up: Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Carla Cugino, Elijah Wood, Benecio Del Toro, Britanny Murphy, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba just to name a few. The action and story is next: think Die Hard, Shooter, Kill Bill mixed in a pot with some Leon on the side. There was a guest director by the name of Quentin Tarantino, who I’m sure gave some beefy suggestions to improve the filming. So many characters to enjoy and cringe from, it’s really fortunate that the blood was recolored, and that the color red and yellow was predominantly utilized.

It was a nice touch to have 4 stories in a single film. The characters were well introduced as well, which for me is vital especially the volume of tales that were integrated. The reason I didn’t give this a perfect 4 star was because of its realism/more morale themes that we can apply in our lives. These are some of my factors to give it a classic/repeatable film rating. Yes Dwight jumped off a high building; Marv endured the many shots and first electric shock from the chair, etc. Yes this was adapted from a graphic novel, but I felt I wanted more from the stories and that a likeable character (Detective John Hartigan) had to be killed off just "to have a fair trade." I guess it was all crammed up to display the characters from the graphic novel. Other than that, I was entertained from the very first enticing scene “The Customer is always right,” the mystery behind “That Yellow Bastard,” the toughness of “The Hard Goodbye” until the slick “Big Fat Kill” portion. This is truly a piece of art and solid acting from the cast. . I really felt like watching a huge graphic novel unfold and the unique way they shot it was brilliant. The films choices for the musical background brought joy as well. This one doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for an all-star cast, action, romance and a slice of humor/drama. Truly one of the best films/comic book adaptations created.

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