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Whiplash (2014)

Good Enough is Never Great, This Movie Is Great!
Taz - wrote on 03/23/15

Wow I was blown away by this movie! It was incredible in every way a movie should be. The acting was amazing, the pace was perfect, the music was a delight, the story well told and the message was interesting. The whole idea that good enough will never make us great is an incredible message in this movie. It is perfectly conveyed from beginning to end. Be it from the constant practice that Andrew goes through filled with blood and sweat. The humiliation and degradation Andrew is put through. To bringing in sub-par rivals and praising them in front of Andrew even though they did not do as well. The story is always building to the idea that good enough is never going to be great. It is an idea that might be sometimes lost in today's politically correct world. Is this type of treatment right for every one? No 90% of people couldn't handle the punishment that is required to be great, I know I couldn't. Sometimes a person has to be completely torn down to physically and mentally to be able to achieve what is ultimately greatness. It is easy how J.K. Simmons got his Oscar. He was amazing, intense and at times a board line physio path as Conductor Terence Fletcher. His endless search for the Charlie Parker to his Jo Jones is at the same time sick, commendable and amazing to watch. I can not praise this movie enough. It makes you cringe and smile and ask yourself if you have the fortitude to be truly great at something.

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/26/15 at 05:14 PM CT

Whiplash Review comment

This is on top of my list for 2014 movies I still need to see - despite all the other acclaimed movies I have yet to watch (Birdman, Theory of Everything, Imitation Game) this is the one that stands out. If you like College Humor - check out the Weird Al / Whiplash mashup - I promise, you will laugh your butt off.

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