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That Awkward Moment

The Awkward Moment When You Want To Shut This Off
Taz - wrote on 06/20/14

Trust me there are plenty of places I could have shut this movie off and i wouldn't have missed anything but for some unknown reason I kept thinking it would get better and it never did. I think this was meant to be a guys romantic comedy, to bad they missed on the about every note. There were a few things that make you chuckle but over all the movie a very boring and predictable.

When it isn't boring or having one of it's rare laughs it is being gross and vulgar. Yeah I get it guys can be gross and vulgar, I know I am a guy., but no one wants to see that on film. They went way overboard on the gross and vulgar, maybe other guys get like to show and talk about things that my buddies and I don;t talk about but I don;t think most guys go quit as far as they do in the movie.

Another problem I have with the movie is that two of the main characters are straight up jerks. I know a movie needs to have a character seek redemption for a wrong but the main character does everything wrong the entire movie. There is no reason for the leading lady to ever take him back if she knew everything he did in this movie. I like to think that guys as a whole aren't jerks like this, at least I know I'm not.

Over all the previews for this movie showed a fun guys romantic comedy when it all it delivered was a boring, vulgar, movie with a main character who has no redeeming qualities at all in my opinion. I would not recommend this movie even if it is on HBO during their free weekend. There are a lot better ways you can spend an hour and a half, like watching a good movie.

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