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Polite Society

I Have the Urge to Be Extremely Impolite
SIngli6 - wrote on 05/09/23

At a loss with this one. Its fight scenes operate on Musical logic, being diegetic but barely even ancillary. They are outrageous externalisations of grounded conflicts usually expressed through dialogue. An interesting conceit to give genre spark to a family drama story.

That's not what this film is, though. I mean yes, it DOES have elements of drama and every conflict in this film revolves around family and legacy, but it also has a villainous plot from the realms of science fiction and teenagers coordinating Mission: Impossible heists from an attic. This isn't some West Asian John Hughes movie, this is Agent Cody Banks with an f-bomb. What's so shameful about doing mixed-martial arts scenes you need to dress it up with these weird meta abstractions?

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