SIngli6's Movie Review of Vanishing on 7th Street

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Vanishing on 7th Street

Anderson's Gifts Can't Vanish Under a Poor Cast
SIngli6 - wrote on 12/01/20

I recently revisited this film to determine how it is that something staring Hayden Christensen and John Leguizamo managed to get such an absurdly high rating from yours truly. The answer? Brad Anderson's direction and an extremely generous serving of biblical existentialism. The film's reference to both the Croatoan mystery, or the missing Roanoke Colony - which is now believed to not be so much a case of disappearing White settlers as an early, rare instance of cultural integration - and the Genesis myth (yes, Brad, I did notice all those apples on the road) merge in such an amazingly satisfying way that it could only have been unintentional for how clever it is. I am actually loathed to spoil it, but if you don't know what I'm talking about, pay attention to the race of Jacob Latimore's character in the film's final few minutes

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