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Hell Ride

Rookie Takes Bishop
Supercrum - wrote on 08/29/08

Larry Bishop’s homage to 60’s & 70’s biker exploitation flicks, “Hell Ride,” starts strong yet wheels itself into the realm of not making a whole-hell-of-a-lotta sense. The dialogue tries hard to be clever but often comes off as rudimentary and green. The aforementioned Bishop, who also stars in the film, is attempting to be that of a wise biker-gang leader albeit prowling sex-god, yet old high-school gym teacher with scoliosis is more than fitting. What does work for this film are the aesthetic visual effects and the campy, lack-luster tone. You will no doubt find the sex, drugs, violence and testosterone enjoyable, but the true killjoy is watching the film try to decide weather it wants to be serious or over-the-top. In the end, this movie really wants to be Kill Bill yet it makes a better extended music video than it does a feature length Tarantino recommendation.

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