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The Big Lebowski

This is not a movie, this is an ORGAZM!!-SHC (RIP)
The Film Rebel - wrote on 01/20/11

This is my third favorite movie of all time. I can watch this any day and never get bored. This is the perfect blend of dark humor, music, and BOWLING! Yes. The sport to end all sports.

The Big Lebowski is a schmorgezborg of epic awesomeness. It focuses on The Dude (don't call him by his real name!), a stuck in the 70's stoner who only has three loves in his life: Bowling, White Russians, and his car. He spends his days bowling with his two friends: Walter, a bitter Vietnam war vet, and Donnie, a quiet man who's always being yelled at by Walter. The Dude is caught up in a case of mistaken identity when he's mistaken for a millionaire with the same name and the perpetrators who mistook him for the Big Lebowski peed on his rug. That rug really tied the room together, too. Soon, the Dude gets wrapped up in a kidnapping scheme and a whole bunch of other misadventures throughout the movie.

This is quite literally the greatest cult classic of all time. The Coens' dialogue, the soundtrack, and Jeff Bridges' brilliant performance as the Dude are what "tie the movie together," if you catch my drift. Along with Bridges, the supporting cast was fuckin' awesome! John Goodman is friggin' hysterical as Walter and John Turturro steals every scene he's in as Jesus the bowler. The visuals and soundtrack are awesome as well. They really hark back to the 1970's.

Overall, the Big Lebowski is a brilliant cult classic and easily my favorite comedy ever. A must see!

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