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Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen Review
Nick - wrote on 04/02/10

This movie was amazing. Kept me thinking and guessing the whole time. Like I said before Gerard Butler's best performance was in 300. But his performance in this movie was kick ass, he was amazing I rank this movie closely with 300. Jamie Foxx did ok with what he had to work with he played a believeable character. This movie is a shot of adernaline straight to the brain. This movie is greatly made had time and effort put into to. There's scenes in this movie that go over the top that make this movie so much more better. This movie is different you don't see movies like this one all the time. The supporting cast was ok did good with what they had to work with. This movie deliveres tour de force performances from it's two leads in there cat and mouse game. This movie is going to be more opinon based to people because when it comes to who is the good guy or bad guy people are going to disagree. I say watch this movie you won't be let down it's a great thrill ride that you don't want to miss. But once again Gerard Butler carries this movie across the finishline just like 300.

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