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The Departed

The Departed Review
Nick - wrote on 03/24/10

The Departed will stand as a defining moment in mob film history. Every cast member delievers amazing perfromances top notch this is what your looking for in a film. There is not one thing wrong with this film at all. Thank you Martin Scorsese always bringing us amazing films and always will. Leonardo DiCaprio was amazingly great. Made me believe his was William Costigan. Tour de force performance hands down. Matt Damon was great loved his performance. I think it's his best performance in his career. Jack Nickelson gave another great performance in another great movie I can't stress it enough. Another actor that did great was Mark Wahlberg he does great in those kind of parts I love when he's playing a supporting role he always passes better then being the lead which I can live with. This is one of the best mob movies ever to come out. It has a lot of tension to go along with it and most of all a very shocking ending that is amazing the last half hour it delievers a bombshell that tops the movie with a cherry. If you like mob films then you can't pass this movie you have to see it.

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