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Friday the 13th (2009)

Friday the 13th Review
Nick - wrote on 03/22/10

Ok this movie was just so so. I was expecting a badass movie and got a badass Jason Voorhees which isn't terrible. I know horror movies are made to scare and show gore but I think there should be some story behind it. Yes there was a story but a very typical one. When i'm talking story I mean a good story like what Rob Zombie did with Halloween. This movie just delievered to gore fans. Which I am one but like i said I like story to. Derek Mears did great as Jason if there's any sequels being planned make sure you cast him again. The only other character worth mentioning is Jared Padelicki he did good with what he was given. All the other characters just felt like they was going with the flow like all the other ones that was made. This movie was given some dumb cheesy scenes that could have been done without. But overall it was decent it was decent because Jason Voorhees was good and that's what people want but if your looking for more than that like I was, then it will only be half good not totally good.

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