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Joker (2019)

Which is worse: Living a tragedy, or a comedy?
Rod - wrote on 03/21/20

This is undeniably a great film. Each and every scene is masterfully crafted. Mis-en-scene, coupled with perfectly timed sound design and music, are on point making every shot worth consuming. THE actor lived up with the expectation. It's unimaginable to act as Arthur Fleck, and then the Joker. I bet that THE actor had to exert so much energy and truly understand the complexity of the character in order to effectively play the role. I am inclined to believe that the plot points are just right, nothing really fancy, it did not force anything, what happens just happens. Anyway, this is obviously a character-driven film. A character that no one seemed to fully grasp yet a character we definitely recognize. Not to mention the backdrop of all these acts; the cold dark Gotham City. Gotham is a character in itself, good that this film paid enough emphasis to the world that surround the Joker.

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