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The Fighter (2010)

Why Did I Just Watched It Now
Rod - wrote on 11/01/13

Brothers Micky and Dicky face obstacles in life encountering conflicts between family, career, and love all inclusive in the world of boxing.

I think this film is perfect! beautiful cinematography, very moving story, and a powerful cast. I'm not a fan of boxing, but seeing the movie, I knew and felt like I was really watching a boxing fight and I enjoyed all the thrill and drama with it. Kudos to the director David O. Russell! Wahlberg, Adams, Leo did very good performances, but on top of everything, Christian Bale was the best, indeed! He really deserved the Academy recognition playing an equally challenging and magnificent character, Dicky. A very well-written screenplay. Moving, touching, and making the best sense of an inspiring true-to-life story. What more can we ask for? This is a film I would recommend to my children even they are not yet on the right age to watch an R-rated movie.

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