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Mirror Mirror

Julia Roberts Save It!
Rod - wrote on 06/09/13

Snow White gets away from the palace and witness what the kingdom has become after his father disappeared. She, then, teams up with the seven dwarfs to defeat the Evil Queen.

I did not expect that this would be as funny as it was, though I was expecting for something like a "grand" comedy, a "high-end" comedy (if you know what I mean). The film could have been better if the production design was pleasant. The set and even the visual effects seemed to be so low quality, except of course some of the costume and hair dresses which were really stunning if not beautiful. I loved how they put a twist on a classic fairy tale. At first, I thought it would be a crappy one, but as the movie progresses, I started loving the script. One thing that audience will surely love is Julia Roberts (of course!). I really admire how amazing an actress Roberts is. We saw her playing different roles, and she delivered well on each of them. Her take on the Evil Queen is outstanding. Her role was supposed to be a-love-to-hate, but it turned out to be something just a lovable character. Oh, and yeah, I waited for a musical number, thank God it really happened!

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