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30 Minutes or Less

Rod - wrote on 03/22/12

A pizza delivery guy, Nick, was kidnapped by Dwayne and Travis as they plot the assassination of Dwayne's father. They instructed Nick to rob a bank for them to pay the assassin. With a bomb set around him, Nick goes to his friend Chet to help him in the heist. He has only 30 minutes or less to accomplish it.


This movie was highly entertaining when it comes to comedy. The humor naturally comes out as Jesse Eisenberg and Danny McBride portraying the roles. Supported by Nick Swardson and Aziz Ansari, this was really a good watch! I like the simplicity of the story and the good flow of scenes. Yeah. This is all bad executed good. Very nice. I laughed once in a while in this movie. GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!

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MovieAddict - wrote on 04/01/12 at 07:04 PM CT

30 Minutes or Less Review comment

Watched this one yesterday and thought the rapport between Eisenberg and McBride was good and their security code too funny lol!

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