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Mystery Men (1999)

Awesome cast, funny film!
TheWolf - wrote on 08/06/07

This is one of my favorite movies! Right around the time when the various movie companies were trying to start cashing in on the Superhero Genre you get a movie like this. Ben Stiller is funny as always, portraying "Mr. Furious" a man that is supposed to acquire super powers the more angry he becomes, William H. Macy plays "The Shovler" a man that is exceptional when fighting with shovels. Hank Azaria had me laughing at the point of tears a couple times as his character "The Blue Razha". Greg Kinnear is Captain Amazing, a superhero that is so good that he has product endorsements as sponsors. Ganeane Garofalo as "Baby Bowler" is as sarcastic as ever, she and Stiller play off of eachother very well, and they have had a long friendship since their days together on The Ben Stiller Show. Paul Rubens is very funny as "The Spleen". Kel Mitchell playing "The Invisible Boy" a guy that can turn completely invisible... as long as no one is looking at him, and he has his eyes closed, but only because he becomes visible again if people look at him. Geoffrey Rush playing Casanova Frankenstein is amazing as always. He has such a repertoire of characters that he can actually make it difficult to identify which character would be most like he true personality. Then you Eddie Izzard, and Tom Waits who while they don't have big roles in the film he does have some very memorable scenes.
The movie is a lot of fun, I always watch this movie at least once a year, and its just as funny as it was the first time seeing it.

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