TheWolf's Movie Review of Election (1999)

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Election (1999)

Decent satirical black comedy
TheWolf - wrote on 08/06/07

Tracy Flick(Reese Witherspoon) is a major over-achiever who is the only student running for class president in their student election. Jim McAllister(Matthew Broderick) is a very involved teacher who happens to be running the election. Sick of seeing Tracy Flick always get her way, he bribes Paul(Chris Klein), a dumb jock, to run against her. Tammy(Jessica Campbell) wants revenge on her brother for dating her girlfriend and runs against them both, turning this once choice election into a three choice catastrophe, with revenge, deceit, and sabotage at every corner.
Matthew Broderick, in a refreshing change of pace, scores a bullseye as the faculty member, who turns out to have a dark side you don't see coming and Chris Klein makes the most of his role as jock turned politician. Attention must be paid here and if you think you know what's going to happen, you're probably wrong and should just keep watching. A minor classic that is worth repeated viewings.

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