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Liar Liar

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TheWolf - wrote on 08/04/07

Jim Carrey proved yet again with Liar Liar that his comedy and acting abilities are outstanding. Carrey plays the witty Fletcher, a divorced lawyer who is in the middle of the biggest case of his life. Along with trying to prepare for the court hearings, he has to find time to spend with his cute and loving son Max who he constantly is breaking promises too, never intentionally. On the night of Max's birthday, in which Fletcher promises to attend but gets 'caught up' at work, max wishes that his dad could for one day, not tell a lie.
What follows is the funniest day of his life. Being unable to tell a lie, Fletcher now must find a way to win the case and his son and ex-wife to his side. The court hearings are pure genius with Carrey as the lawyer acting opposite Jason Brenard as the judge.
The movie is one of Carrey's best, it has a great story line that he can work his comedic stylings into very well. If you like his crazy side with various facial expressions, and over the top antics, then this is going to be a movie that you will love.

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