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The Descent (2006)

The Descent - A Review, Ex Post Facto
Mr. E Horror - wrote on 08/25/09

This film holds a special place in my heart. Neil Marshall has thus far peaked with this movie. He has done what David Cronenberg hasn’t quite been able to do –though he comes close with “A History of Violence.” Neil Marshall has made a film that subtly offers the viewer a textbook session of psychoanalysis as the women delve deep and deeper into the very depths of their psyches. Their true selves arise as they probe the absolute depths of the cave system. Are the creatures they find really themselves? A rather hokey observation, I know. But that is the what Marshall gives us. Aside from the Freudian criticism, the film offers wonderful frights. It is a smart film that offers something for any true horror fan. It’s unfortunate that Marshall’s next foray into the genre was rather disappointing, thus ending is upward trajectory. We have to wait and see what he does next, though word has that it is not horror.

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