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Get Shorty

Is there such a thing as too much swearing?
Jonzor - wrote on 07/26/07

It's a shame this movie is SO complicated/hard to follow the first time you watch it, because it makes it hard for people to see how great it is. If you can get someone to watch it twice (assuming they haven't forgotten the whole thing by the 2nd time they watch it) then hopefully they'll see what a gem it really is.

This movie is hilarious, a fine example of dry American humor. The jokes are very deeply rooted in the back-and-forth dialog and the way a character responds to each other character in the movie. But because it's so character-driven, it's (again) hard to appreciate the first time you see it.

The bottom line is that this movie is worth the time it takes to appreciate it.

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Alex - wrote on 07/26/07 at 09:03 AM CT

Get Shorty Review comment

I still have not seen this movie....when you seeing the simpsons?

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