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Delorted - wrote on 01/30/08

Tristan Thorn (Charlie Cox) grew up in a town with a wall running around it. He never knew exactly why the wall was there until he promised Victoria (Sienna Miller) that he would bring her back a fallen star in “Stardust.”

I thought after “Shrek” I wouldn’t have a problem with movies like this. I figured “Shrek” was the worst I could get and that anything else would be less of a problem for me. Turns out I was wrong. I don’t think this is worse than “Shrek,” mind you, but I do think it’s an abomination to fairytales.

The acting is fine, the music is okay, but my real problem is the writing. In order to make a classic fairytale, you need to keep it classy. I thought this was a very tacky way of telling a fairytale. It could have easily been a PG rated film, but they decided to add a lot of unnecessary stuff and make it PG-13. I don’t know what their strategy was, but it didn’t work for me.

“Stardust” is an okay movie, but I don’t recommend it. If you want to watch a contemporary fairytale, and you’re of age to do so, watch “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Acting: 6/10
Writing: 4/10
Video/Editing: 8/10
Audio/Music: 7/10
Entertainment: 5/10

Final Score: 6/10

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Ghost Seed - wrote on 08/01/08 at 07:11 PM CT

Stardust Review comment

Wow, not only a great review, but I completely agree. Well done!

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