shutterspeed777's Movie Review of Catch Me if You Can

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Catch Me if You Can

shutterspeed777 - wrote on 04/23/09

With Steven Spielberg directing and producing, coupled with heavy hitters like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom can take this movie to the bank, baby! True enough, from a 'lowly' budget of $52 million, gleaning a gross revenue of $352 million ain't that bad . Not at all. I'll do it any day of the week. What really is refreshing though is how Spielberg finally takes a break and floats lightly with this production...sweet and easy for a change...This guy can print money even while he sleeps! The charm of the young DICAPRIO was etched perfectly to portray the biggest check defrauder of all time: FRANK ABAGNALE JR. A true lesson on the underrated value of INFLUENCE. Frank's life was carved to impress his dad. He was commended for his criminal and mischievous deeds since childhood. His dad became not only his role model, but the object of his criminal accomplishments. Great & simple movie.

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