The Scripted's Movie Review of Serendipity

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It Was Serendipidous That I Even Saw this Movie!!
The Scripted - wrote on 03/16/09

This movie caught me of guard. One lazy Sunday, my sister and I were laying around, flicking through the channels on the TV. We caught the opening credits for Serendipity, neither of us had even heard of it, but we saw John Cusack's name and thought, :"Well it can't be all that bad, it's got John Cusack in it." So we are watching and I swear, we got sucked right in. And it's not even like the movie is that just has very developed characters, and there is such a sweetness in it. We were both fully engrossed and rooting for the main characters to recconnect. When he opens that book near the end and....Ahhhh......we were crying so hard by the end of this movie......we felt so giddy and high. This movie will make you feel good no matter how depressed you long as you aren't depressed because of relationship issues!! I highly reccomend it if you have time to kill.

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