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The Iron Lady

Streep - simply the best
patjohnson76 - wrote on 01/24/12

An okay script and film is strengthened by a huge performance by Meryl Streep, who embodies Margaret Thatcher so much there were times I thought I was actually looking at Thatcher herself. It's not just the look she gets down, but also the voice, mannerisms, and posture to a point where the line between the two gets thin. While the previews make it look like a biopic, the film is actually a drama of an older Thatcher, struck with dementia, being reminded of certain points in her career. As a result, you get a more intimate portrayal of Thatcher rather than just a film about her accomplishments. Some may not like this, the dementia is never addressed and thus, if you don't know she's suffering from it, you might think Thatcher went crazy. As someone who follows politics regularly though, I enjoyed how they portrayed some of Thatcher's big accomplishments while also showing the opposition she faced from the Labor Party.

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