Nick's Movie Review of Total Recall (2012)

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Total Recall (2012)

Lots and lots of action
Nick - wrote on 08/03/12

Total Recall falls under the category of a typical remake of our current era. This movie was expected to be mediocre action film based purely on the original. Surprisingly the story is a little different, separating it some from the original. The story is laid out well, and we are introduced to a futuristic post-war Earth where the only two countries that remain are the UFB (United Federation of Britain) and The Colony (formerly Australia). The UFB is the preferred place to live with upper class, where as the colony is where the poor blue collar people must live. Does this sound somewhat similar to real history where Australia was originally a penal colony for Great Britain? The visuals are great, including the futuristic transportation of magnetic bound cars and "The Fall", a means of transporting people from the colony to UFB and back through the Earth by means of gravity. This movie is definitely more action than sci-fi, but you'll still get a lot of futuristic tech while bullets are flying. The movie is two hours long, but it didn't seem that long cause you never get bored with the non-stop action. Overall I think this movie is put together well and is quite entertaining, and is worth the watch if you love action and had any desire to see it. It's a good summer flick but doesn't beat the other action and sci-fi films this year so far.

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