Allison's Movie Review of 21

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Enjoyable Vegas Flick
Allison - wrote on 03/25/08

21 is a great movie. It looks dumb, and I don't know why people are dissing it. It has two hot veterans, Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne. Kate Bosworth's character is supposed to be smart and she doesn't fool me for an instant. But she is also supposed to be sexy and she works for the part, even though I haven't been crazy about her in years past. It is also her third movie with Spacey and I'm beginning to suspect something creepy is going on between them.

Anyway, Jim Sturgess is the star of the movie. He is not a household name yet, but his career seems to be at the same point James McAvoy's was when he starred in the Last King of Scotland. Expect him to be extremely hot this time next year. His intermittent Boston accent didn't bother me as much as his Seth Rogen look alike friend. But all's well that end's well.

My friend had told me that she didn't like the ending to this movie. So for the whole movie I was worried. However, without revealing anything I will say that it was satisfying and didn't let me down.

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