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Mulholland Drive

Two Girls in Hollywood
Allison - wrote on 09/14/07

I agree with Waxy that Bunuel is more lucid. However, this film is great on so many levels once you unlock the cryptic code. I don't think movies should be cryptic. I think that they can be open to interpretation if necessary, but this movie was well constructed. It just didn't allow the viewer to connect the dots so easily.

Naomi Watts is great in this, along with the different layers of personalities. The singers from the early sixties, lip-synching to Connie Stevens' 16 Reasons and Linda Scott's I've Told Every Little Star are highlights. This is probably Justin Theroux's best role ever. RIP Ann Miller aka Coco aka crazy land lady.

What Movies Teach Us: You have to pretend to be a lesbian to break into showbiz. Being Nicole Kidman's best friend isn't good enough. (see my What Movies Teach Us list)

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