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Terminator Salvation

Skynet Has More Imagination
Josh C - wrote on 05/19/09

Though it is an okay addition to the series, it is certainly not the best of them. It may be a bit better than T3, but it pales in comparison to Terminator or T2. In fact, I will go as far as to say it bordered cheesy at times. McG tried too hard to tie the gaps with the other movies by using dialog and scenes from the other movies such as "I'll be back" and "Come with me if you want to live." Stop living in the past, create a new movie.


He went way over the top by even bringing back Arnold Schwarzenegger as a terminator to kill John Conner. The whole scene was forced and didn't make any sense. Why was there a random robot with human skin set to kill John Conner slowly. Also, why did the robots choose to explain their diabolical plot to one of their own. That was one of the most disappointing scenes. There is nothing like watching the villain, in this case the robots, explain their plans just so the audience can see. The whole scene seemed forced.


Asides from a few poor scenes, the action was pretty good and fun to watch. There was a whole slew of new machines that really drilled in the fact that machines are taking over the world. This was pretty cool and one of the few highlights of the movie.

As for the acting, I don't know which is the bigger surprise: Sam Worthington playing the convincing robot/human or Christian Bale only being a so-so John Conner. Perhaps it was my extremely high expectations for Bale and his acting, or perhaps everything in this movie was just lacking imagination and came out "so-so."

Check this one out in the theatre, the big screen will make it worth the watch. Just know that you may not be excited about seeing the next one after sitting through this.

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