Indyfreak's Movie Review of Aeon Flux

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Aeon Flux

Standard if stylish cyberpunk action flick.
Indyfreak - wrote on 01/17/20

Charlize Theron fights a repressive regime in the far future in this hyper-stylized science fiction thriller. Which if we're being honest, is clearly meant as a Matrix rip-off though ironically there was an animated series that predated the first Matrix movie. The set design is ludicrous but does look cool. The cgi has aged badly though in a number of scenes. One female character's body has hands for feet and it looks disgusting instead of creative.
Theron is convincing in the action scenes;why wasn't she cast as Catwoman instead of Halle Berry? Marton Csokas is a poor choice for a male lead. It seems he's only in the movie because Clive Owen said no.
The plot takes itself more seriously than expected which does help lend some gravitas to the proceedings. But there's a lot of expositional dialogue to get through and it's a bloody chore. It's too bad the villains aren't as interesting as the premise could allow for. Much of the action is far too over the top, given this was based on a animated series maybe that's the intention. But not everything translates well to live action from a cartoon.

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